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EE System’s Remote Experience is different for many in ours.





The remote EESystem utilizes advanced technology to generate a quantum scalar energy field. This field is designed to connect individuals to a life-enhancing energy source in an energetically safe manner. Here are the key points highlighted:

  1. Quantum Scalar Energy Field: The technology behind the Remote EESystem generates a quantum scalar energy field. Scalar energy is often associated with quantum physics and is believed to have unique properties that can positively influence well-being.

  2. Connection to Beneficial Scalar Frequencies: The system connects individuals to beneficial scalar frequencies. Scalar frequencies are believed to have various potential health benefits, and their application is often associated with alternative and complementary medicine.

  3. Algorithms for DNA Repair and Cellular Communication Enhancement: The system employs algorithms designed to repair DNA and enhance cellular communications. This suggests a focus on promoting cellular health and overall well-being through advanced technological interventions.

  4. Energetically Safe Connection: Emphasizing an energetically safe connection implies a commitment to ensuring that the interaction with the quantum scalar energy field is secure and does not pose any harm to individuals using the system.

Things to Do to Enhance Your Remote Experience

Aura change


YEARs of Energetic STudy

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It seems like you’re describing instances where intention, specifically in the context of healing and influencing physical phenomena, plays a significant role. Here’s a breakdown of the key points you’ve mentioned:

  1. Remote Healing with Photos: John uses photos of friends and families in his remote healing practice and achieves remarkable results. This suggests that the power of intention, even from a distance, can have an impact on health and well-being.

  2. Dr. Tiller’s Experiments: Dr. Tiller conducted formal physics experiments demonstrating how intention could affect the pH of water. This indicates that human intention has the potential to influence physical properties of substances, as seen in the case of water pH.

  3. The Energy Cure: This book presents scientific studies that explore the impact of intention on health outcomes. Even individuals with no formal training in healing can influence the health of mice through their intent alone. This underscores the significant role intention plays in the healing process.

In summary, these examples highlight the power of intention in various contexts, including healing and influencing physical phenomena. They suggest that human intention can have a tangible impact on the world around us, extending beyond what was previously imagined.

The Remote Evolution


The evolution of studies on remote healing and related modalities since 1978 has been significant, with researchers and practitioners delving into various aspects of intention, energy, and vibrational frequencies. Here’s a brief overview of some key figures and modalities mentioned:

  1. Dr. William Tiller, Ph.D.: Dr. Tiller’s work focuses on the power of intention and broadcasting intention, particularly in the context of physics. His research sheds light on how human intention can influence physical phenomena.

  2. Dr. Hal Puthoff, Ph.D.: A physicist known for his research on remote viewing and zero-point energy, Dr. Puthoff’s work explores the boundaries of human perception and interaction with the environment at a distance.

  3. Paul Smith: An author who provides instruction in remote connections and remote viewing, Paul Smith’s contributions have helped expand the understanding and practice of remote viewing techniques.

  4. Dr. Ibrahim Karim, Ph.D.: Dr. Karim’s work focuses on geometric and etheric energetics, exploring the relationship between form, energy, and consciousness.

  5. Dr. Raymond Rife, MD: Known for his early non-contact healing models, Dr. Rife’s research laid the groundwork for exploring alternative approaches to healing outside traditional medical paradigms.

  6. Tesla and Keeley: Early pioneers in etheric and energy sciences, Tesla and Keeley’s work has inspired generations of researchers and practitioners interested in understanding the subtle energies that permeate the universe.

  7. Dave Davidson: Davidson’s work in shape-based energetics and harmonics explores how specific forms and vibrations can influence energy patterns and healing processes.

  8. Sacred Geometry: The study of energy patterns manifesting in all things, sacred geometry provides insights into the underlying principles governing the universe’s structure and dynamics.

  9. Chi Gong: A practice aimed at optimizing energy within the body, mind, and spirit, Chi Gong emphasizes the cultivation and harmonization of vital life force energy.

  10. Frequency Harmonics: Understanding that all energy vibrates at different frequency levels, the study of frequency harmonics delves into the resonance and interplay of vibrational frequencies in various phenomena.

Together, these diverse perspectives contribute to a broader understanding of remote healing, energy medicine, and the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in the pursuit of health and well-being.