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Meet Thom E. Lobe, M.D:

Dr. Lobe was raised in Baltimore where he ultimately went to Medical School, graduating with many Honors. As a medical student he worked with such notables as the recently departed C. Everett Koop.

He did his General and Pediatric Surgical Training at The Ohio State University Hospitals and Columbus Children’s Hospital. He also completed a fellowship in Bariatric Surgery and worked as an attending surgeon at the Shriner’s Burns Institute in Galveston, TX for 8 years resuscitating and reconstructing major burn injuries, restoring physical appearances to normal. Since then he has continuously worked as a Pediatric Surgeon and is Internationally known for his pioneering work in Minimally Invasive Techniques for which he has been the recipient of Lifetime achievement awards on Three continents. He has been a Residency Training Program director, has held NIH grants and before minimally invasive surgery captured his attentions, he had set up a thriving research lab working as a cell biologist studying septic shock in newborns.

All along, Dr. Lobe has observed how well children heal compared to adults. He has learned many of the secrets of how to extend and maintain youthful physiology and vitality way beyond normal and wants to dedicate his next 60+ years to perfecting his innovative ideas. His expertise in intravenous nutrition dates back to the mid-1970?s from his first experiences saving the lives of newborn babies who were unable to eat and nourish themselves. And he began working with stem cell transplantation when the field was in its infancy as he cared for children with cancer at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital for over 20 years.